Thank you for taking the time to view our site and learn more about us. We are an innovative model of outpatient physical therapy located in the town of New Scotland consisting of both traditional and integrative physical therapy services as well as wellness programs, seeking to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of the community we serve.
Why Physical Therapy?
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A physical therapist is a highly trained health care professional that is able to provide the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations and disabilities related to movement, function and health. A physical therapist will help you address a wide variety of impairments.

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Why New Scotland PT?
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We understand you have many choices in your healthcare. We pride ourselves on providing high quality care that warrants your choice and personal investment in your care. Our highly trained experienced staff will take the time to thoroughly evaluate you and help you to understand your diagnosis.

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Why Balance in Motion?
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Our bodies are happiest when we are in balance. This can be applied to all of our bodily systems including the musculoskeletal system. When your hamstrings are tight for example, your core muscles which support your back can not work at their optimum level. Over time, this leads to back injury and pain.

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